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Forgotten rooftops


It all began last summer. Rhododendrons and peonies that grow in my garden

left me with such a deep impression that I just had to convey and capture it in my work. Feeling that what makes me happy can also make others happy. I was also inspired by the desire for our cities, especially Tallinn, to have more areas in the street scene where flowers would grow to catch the passer-bys attention. And during the summer, the green grass shouldn’t be mowed to zero, but let grow into a roaring field.
Defining philosophers, happiness is rather a good life than just a momentary emotion. At the same time, the Estonian etymological dictionary states that happiness is joy and deep satisfaction with one's situation. Wearing a garment that gives a genuine emotion when worn and repeatedly prolongs happiness over a momentary satisfaction beyond a momentary emotion.
With my collection, it can therefore be said that through the long-term use of the material, we can achieve positive freedom by using the possibilities to wear clothing, that makes us happier in many ways.

SMELL MY ROSES is a collection of patience, hard work, as a result of which the flowers growing in your garden can accompany you throughout the year. Expressing it both inside and out. By signaling to others that you, the wearer, are happy.

The SMELL MY ROSES project is based on encouraging the reduction of waste through a meaningful and long-term commitment to the clothing. The collec- tion creates a closer relationship with the wider world around us. The central source of inspiration is the rhododendrons growing in my garden, the beauty of which, my egoistic soul, wants to carry with it throughout the year. SMELL MY ROSES is a small collection of other fabrics from the Estonian National Opera costume store. Materials used are knitted viscose, cotton fabric, etc. Separately we have ordered the fabrics of set No.3, synthetic material printed in the facto- ry (Lipuvabrik).
My previous collections have been rather dark, with black colors and deep side tones. They’ve also conveyed more negative feelings than positive ones. That's why this colorful collection is a big step forward for me.

In this collection I have used different techniques. Natural, cotton is pre-treated and used to color with snow to capture cold winter flowers (Set No. 1, 5, 6). Same technique has been used with set No.2 where the dress, hood, have been pre-crocheted and then treated with colored snow.
The No. 2 dress and the No. 5 set of trousers are made with the Irish lace tech- nique. Plenty of flowers and leaves, in different shapes.
No. 1, 4 and 6 dress details have been torn and left unfinished, in their natural state.

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