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BATMASK is a facemask, body cover. Mask that you can cover up your     true colors. Protect yourself from unknown and feel safer. Hide your true feelings. That all still seemingly and in your wildest dreams. But otherwise fragile, shiningly bright lace clothing could change your world brighter in a moment and leave deep scratches forever.

BATMASK got his inspiration from narcissism. We could show ourselves in reality completely differently and fool others with our false fakeness was so captivating and at the same time pushing us away with his crazy power. Self love, -admiration and his delight for only himself expresses itself also in BATMASK. Mask takes all the attention to himself but it’s just the outside. Everything that shines, isn’t always gold, that brings richness. Pulling the mask over our head still doesn’t change us at all…

To make the BATMASK it took about 2000 small batman-shaped reflectors, over 150 workhours, a lot of nerves and bloodsplashes from pushing reflectors on a wire.

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